I am an app junkie!

I am an app junkie!

I am ok admitting it, come on, fess up – say it with me now.


I am always trying to find the best, most productive, easiest to use app that will simplify my life, make me more productive and help me keep track of my business, personal, volunteer, and life happenings. I have over the past year tried at a minimum 22 new apps. All of which I have tested out on my team or my kids (be it for iPhone, iPad or Mac). Whether it’s a productivity app, CRM, contact manager, To-Do list, money management, kids schedules, you name it – I am particular, I want my app to to it all and be user friendly across ALL platforms.


I am THAT customer who wants my technology to to do EVERYTHING and will drop it like a hot potato the minute it becomes cumbersome, awkward or does not save me time and money. Now, I am not saying it always has to be free, I am willing to pay for the right product.


My team is always skeptical when they get an invite from me to try my latest and greatest obsession. And during team meetings they ask me all the time “should I do anything with this invite, or delete this one too?”. HOWEVER, they are now drinking my Kool-Aid as I have found MY MOST FAVORITE “TO DO” APP EVER! WUNDERLIST!


Wunderlist is, in the app store – and – you heard me – FREE. I tried this free version and low and behold – it withstood the test, passed muster and even had me curious as to what could be better in the Pro version – so I bit and bought it! And I have yet to be disappointed. With all the technology at our finger tips something’s a good old “to do” list is just what we needed, but one that is all encompassing across all my “to-do’s” including, work, home and family. https://www.wunderlist.com/home


This app is all-inclusive, so much so that my entire team, including my husband has jumped on board and is now using it. Its cross-syncs over all platforms and is efficient, easy to use, clean and simple, visually appealing and printable (if you still need that paper list). It is able to be emailed, you can assign tasks, share it with multiple layers of people and the best part is, as I check things off my list I get a notification “ding” that is quite satisfying.


So a Wunderlist junkie I have become. Now onto contact database management that can be shared across multiple team members that all telecommute… Any suggestions?

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