Staying Inspired at Work and at Home

Staying Inspired at Work and at Home

Staying inspired and feeling #rejuvenated in our personal and professional lives can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when you are in the midst of a record-breaking winter season. For me, #inspiration comes from many different sources including: involvement in professional organizations, networking with other women, and personal fulfillment (ie: me time).

I have always been a strong supported of being involved in professional organizations. Coming from an association background, I realized early on in my career the benefits of networking with and learning from others in your chosen field. The ability to bounce ideas off of others and discuss successes (and failures) keeps me focused and makes me excited about my profession. In addition, the targeted educational offerings that professional organizations provide are key to an individual’s success. Learning new ideas keeps me energized!


In addition to being involved with #PAMPI and the United States Personal Chef Association, I am involved in a few organizations that are geared towards networking with other women business owners including the Main Line Chamber’s Society of Professional Women (SPW) and the Business Women’s Advisory Council (BWAC). Being able to learn from other women in business has been both inspiring and invaluable to me. Women and men approach business in different ways. It is good to know that there are other women out there facing the same business issues as me. Learning about how they are dealing with those issues is helpful to me in my own business planning . When I see a woman who runs a successful business, it makes me feel proud and energizes me to continue to strive for success in my own business.


Of course, the best way to stay inspired is to take care of you. I cannot stress enough, especially in this industry, how important it is to schedule a little “me-time” to help keep you fresh, focused and inspired. Personally, I am a big fan of Friday morning #yoga, reading, pedicures, and now that spring is coming, playing in my vegetable garden.

What is it that rejuvenates you and keeps you inspired?

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