Top Seven Budget Tactics That Can Save Your Event

Top Seven Budget Tactics That Can Save Your Event

SEVEN: Food & Beverage

  • Work with the Chef to serve lunch portions at dinner.

  • Order beverages on consumption vs. per person fee.

  • Replate breakfast items for morning breaks.

  • Double your dessert – put half out at lunch and half at the break.

  • Beware: Hosted FULL open bars are a budget killer.

  • Piggyback menus.

SIX: Partners

  • Share the budget with the venue (vendor) while negotiating the contract. It’s easier for them to work within your parameters if they are informed and prepared.

  • Anything is possible pre-contract.

  • Each party has its own best interests at heart; however, if you create an ally you both win.

FIVE: Going Green

  • Remove water bottles or offer reusable.

  • Use water stations. You can even do fruit-infused.

  • Use print on demand kiosks vs. full service printing (when the job fits).

  • Use electronic evaluations vs. pen and paper.

  • Recycle lanyards and badge holders.

  • Email speaker materials post-event vs. handouts.

  • Prepare and enable PDFs loaded onto iPads for attendees.

FOUR: Quality Staff

  • Spend the money on staff. You will see better year-over-year attendance.

  • Happy attendees are repeat attendees. They will also do the marketing for YOU.

  • Anchor the event with Greeters.

  • Empower your on-site team.

  • Use students in hospitality programs.

THREE: The Details

  • Seeing the big picture is important. Lighting goes a long way in a budget and delivers a WOW factor.

  • If you cut corners to save money the attendee WILL NOTICE.

  • Be subtle. Remember that $2 per person savings x 500 people over three days adds up. And no one will notice whole vs. sliced fruit.

TWO: Audiovisual

  • For any event over 3 days, ask for show rates vs. daily rental rates.

  • Purchase your on-site office supplies (also consider printers or TV monitors) for breakout sessions.

  • Reuse your audiovisual equipment.

  • Optimize with your production setups. Meet and eat in the same space, reuse setups when it works.

ONE: Most Important!

  • Know your event goals and objectives.

  • Know your top concessions.

  • Everything is negotiable.

  • Make the people who spend the money happy. This includes exhibitors, sponsors and attendees.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for EVERYTHING on your wishlist!

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