Cultivated Gifting

JR Global Events is a full-service kitting, fulfillment, corporate gifting, and branded materials distributor, proudly affiliated with the Advertising Specialty Institute. Adding curated gifting to our services enhances our existing capabilities and reinforces our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Well-prepared gift kits or swag can elevate an experience, strengthen the recipient’s connection to your brand, and lead to tangible results. From product selection to packaging, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you craft a tailored gift that aligns with your needs or event theme.
Swag. Promos. Loot. Premiums. Giveaways. Tchotchkes. Whatever you call them, we can curate, logo, package, & ship for you!

Gifts that Engage

First Impressions are everything.

Providing end-to-end support for our clients is key to being a good partner. Bringing our creative expertise to corporate gifting, we work with you to develop solutions that will enhance your product presentation & delivery.
So what is kitting exactly? Kitting is the process of grouping, packaging, & shipping one unit that consists of several finished items. This is especially valuable for gifts that fit a theme or require a personalized touch.
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Our trained fulfillment team handles your gifting with elegance. We reliably deliver many kinds of corporate gift fulfillments, including direct event swag, expo giveaways that make an impact, employee recognition kits, gift bags, & incentive programs gifting!
From your idea to their hands – shipping makes it all come together. Whether it’s a single-time or ongoing program, we can handle the delivery. We are your one-stop spot for worldwide shipping & distribution logistics!

Find out how to streamline your corporate & event gifting process.

Incentives, Rewards, & Recognition

Did you know travel incentives offer the biggest return on investment, up to 112%? In terms of boosting employee engagement, increasing workplace motivation, acknowledging appreciation for good work, & driving your team toward it's goals; incentive programs are important tools worth trying. Companies in diverse industries are using them to promote greater productivity & results.


Incentive rewards aren't one-size-fits-all. Whether it's employee recognition, team-building with themed gifts, or sales incentive programs, there's something to motivate everyone! We deliver incentive gifts, experiences, & curated incentive trips for groups or personal packages on-site for events & online through our virtual  gift experiences.

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