Incentives, Rewards, and Recognition

Incentive Rewards & Recognition

The best corporate rewards for your best people.

Inspire your team with a dazzling array of incentive rewards. From thrilling trips that continue to inspire long after their conclusion, to milestone gifts, bespoke experiences, and customized gifting suites offering an unparalleled shopping experience — we are here to enhance the impact of your Rewards & Recognition programs.


Types of Incentive Programs

Travel Experiences
JR Global Events excels in logistics perfection for both domestic and international travel, offering tailor-made incentive travel programs designed to recognize and reward. Elevate motivation among your top performers by offering more than just a trip — provide a bespoke travel experience that truly stands out.
Cultivated Gifts
Show them the fruits of all their hard work! We offer endless options for sourcing, packing, and shipping personalized gifts – handling every detail to ensure a seamless experience. Our dedication ensures that each gift not only serves as a token of appreciation but also embodies the recognition of their invaluable contributions, making every reward memorable and deeply personal.
Onsite gifting suites
Onsite Gifting Suites
Transform your event space with a ‘pop-up shop’ featuring a carefully selected array of gift options, allowing your attendees to choose their favorites. Offer a customized “swag shopping experience” where team members can select their preferred color, size, or style from a curated collection of gifts, ensuring a truly personalized and memorable selection process.

Where will your next incentive program take you?


Is Incentive Travel worth the investment?

Of all incentive types, incentive travel offers up to 112% return on ROI. The excitement of a travel experience increases motivation, helping you meet goals.

I want to present a reward gift to each of my top salespeople at the annual meeting. We are an international company, so the recipients are all over the world. Can you help?

JR Global Events can deliver customized e-store magazines to any location with personalized messages & curated gifts for your recipients to "shop". This way, your sales team can show off their hard work while also receiving the gift of their choice - no guessing required!

What is a Hybrid Incentive Program?

A hybrid incentive is where you (the employer) design the incentive rewards to suit the recipients. Do they earn the group trip or get a choice of a high-end gift? A personalized option is certainly extremely appealing to many, & as the demographics of your staff change, we must develop new ways to reward, motivate, & encourage. Identifying & offering incentive options is a fantastic way to show that you recognize & respect your personnel's needs.