Site Sourcing & Contracting

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are a vital aspect of meeting and event planning. JR Global Events takes charge of managing contracts to secure the necessary space and concessions to meet your requirements, while also minimizing your financial risk. Our extensive experience ensures that the contracts for your venues, event materials vendors, and service partners outline everything you need—and exclude anything you don't.

Budgeting & Scheduling

On-Time & On Budget

strategic event timelines
In collaboration with our clients, we develop a realistic timeline of action items and deliverables well in advance of the event and continue this detailed planning through to program execution. This is achieved through clear communication, setting precise expectations, and meticulous attention to every detail. Our approach to budgeting is carried out with the same level of thoroughness and clarity.
event budget management
Extras can quickly accumulate. Partnering with an experienced event management group like ours means we're already familiar with the unforeseen costs that can arise. Allow us to guide you by developing a detailed line item list of expenses during the planning stage, ensuring every aspect of your event aligns with your budget.

Site Selection

Choosing the right meeting and event venue can be overwhelming. We can help you select the right location and space to fit the demographic and objectives. Sourcing Specialists work with you to find a venue that meets your geographic preferences, program needs, and budget requirements. Through our established network of major hotels, conference centers, and event spaces, we can evaluate the suitability of any venue for your program.

Let JR Global Events leverage our resources to bring expertise and cost savings to your contracts.